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December: in the greenhouse

Now is a good time to take the radio into the greenhouse or polytunnel and give it a good clean.

While you're at it you can start off onion seeds in modules – and also get the first early potatoes started off chitting. It might sound early but you’ll be glad you did!

You can get your potatoes  early, and sometime around the end of the month is the earliest I have chitted them. Keep them light and aerated and they will come on but don’t warm them up, you don’t want them flying off just yet.  I tend to pop them in the tunnel in January in big containers, well fed and fairly warm. I will have potatoes by the first week in June, sometimes earlier.

Early Nantes carrots will germinate at any time but don't do too well in the cold. So keep it warm! This is one for the hot bed, where you can sow in the middle of December, and follow it up in January and February. It’s particularly good where the top of the hot bed is filled with spent, soil-less compost. You get really good carrots,and you can expect a crop from the end of April through to July.

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