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February: Onions & Garlic

If you have sown onions in December, you can sow some more now. Actually, I sow onions every month and grow them until they are pencil sized. I then tip them out and chop them up for use in the kitchen. No peeling! You see there are very few times you need an onion whole - we always chop them up one way or another. I never pickle large onions – I always use shallots for that.

So I grow onions for chopping, from Feb / March to August, in boxes, and good they are too. I pop half a box in a bag for freezing and the rest I use straight away.

Now the same goes for garlic - which again we hardly ever need whole, and for a crop all over the garden I plant all kinds of garlic - yes, including supermarket garlic - which grows to a pencil size and we simply chop up the lot.


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