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January: Snow

Incase of snow

 The likelihood is that there will be snow and frost over the next few weeks and so there is plenty to do to avoid problems. 

First of all you should make sure your garden taps are not frozen solid by putting lots of good insulation around them.  Also make sure the birds are well fed.

Any snow lying on trees and bushes can be brushed off so the weight of it doesn’t damage the boughs and branches.

Cover any delicate plants you may have. For example, I will cover the camellias with layers of newspaper and then wrap sacking around them so the flower buds are not troubled by the frost. Otherwise the flowers will be stained brown where the damage has been done.

Clear your paths but don’t spend too long in the garden because while you ate there the birds won’t feed, and a thirty minute gap can mean the difference between life and death.



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