Flowers, Pots


There is nothing more annoying than a hyacinth that has fallen over in the pot.

The almost perfect beauty of the flower is difficult to appreciate when its languishing in the compost. Of course you don’t have to use forsythia twigs!Mr Digwell

I have used all kinds of supports from knitting needles to privet twigs, but I suppose small garden canes – you know the green ones, are perfect. It is upsetting when people feel it necessary to fold over the leaves of anything grown from a bulb with a rubber band.

Simply deadhead the plant and let it grow! That way you will get a stronger bulb next year.

I tend to grow my hyacinths in pots so that when they have finished flowering I can move them to a part of the garden where they can grow undisturbed. This means the bulbs have to be re-potted and divided often.

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