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Growing shallots in pots is easy and very successful. 

Sole Nicoise Angus Boyd food feature April 1999

The easiest way to grow shallots is by planting sets, which are basically individual bulbs, pushed into the ground at about 30 cm intervals and simply left. Their easy growth is such that they take to containers really easily.

They need moderately fertile compost, and a liquid feed once a month from May to June. They are usually ready by July, the leaves start to fall over, then they are ready. For every bulb you plant, you get about eight new ones.

They need to be dried so they will keep, a process known as curing, a few dry sunny days and the outer leaves brown and protect the inner ones and the bulb.

Milder and sweeter than onions, they are so easy to grow and you get wonderful sauces for steaks, and probably the best pickles in the world. Give them a try, they’re easy!