Jerusalem artichokes

Jerusalem artichoke is not related to globe artichoke, but is a relative of the sunflower.Digwell_1988_01_09_024They are big attractive plants which have pretty yellow flowers, and they make great windbreaks in the garden.

They prefer well drained soil that has been manured for a previous crop, and are quite hungry, but they should not be watered too much unless there is a really bad drought. These are Mediterranean plants which used to a bit of dry!

In the autumn cut them back to about 6 inches off the ground and cover the stumps with the cuttings which will protect the tubers, which can be dug up with a fork as you need them.

If you leave any tubers in the ground, they will grow again in the Spring.

One thing, they are very windy plants, you get windy when you have eaten them. You have been warned!