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About Us

About Us

Introducing Mr Digwell of today

Mr Digwell is a character who has made a very significant contribution to UK gardening for over 50 years, guiding generations of gardeners to success by offering sound advice to both the gardening beginner and the experienced gardener. Through his weekly feature in the Daily Mirror which was regularly followed and read by millions and Mr Digwell gardening books, the practical, timely and just plain down-to-earth advice was easy to follow in the Mr Digwell fully illustrated step-by-step guides; not just telling but also showing. These tried and tested guides are kept for the re-launch of Mr Digwell.

Mr Digwell is the ideal experienced guide to the resurgent interest in "growing your own" and "living the good life". Many people are looking for a more rewarding way of life; gardening that combines to give a healthy, worthwhile, productive and family-orientated activity for a new gardening generation. For the experienced gardener, Mr Digwell offers guidance on growing show grade vegetables and ornamentals.

Mr Digwell believes in growing with the minimum impact on the environment particularly by utilising traditional methods and techniques, especially composting and recycling. Mr Digwell has respect for wildlife and believes in gardening that encourages animals, birds and insects that are beneficial to the garden, and adopting gardening methods that preserve and assist endangered species.

Mr Digwell fully appreciates that it's results that count to achieve yield, to give flavour and to get garden-fresh crops throughout all the seasons, which also give a financial saving and help to inspire healthy recipes. Look out for Mr Digwell gardening offers in the Daily Mirror and value for money special offers right here on the Mr Digwell website.

Whatever the reason for embarking on a life close to the soil, one thing is for certain, what was true when Mr Digwell started all those years ago still holds true today. 

Mr Digwell - traditional and trusted.


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